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How to save Youtube video to your device as mp4 or mp3 file?

  • STEP 1: decide which video you want to download, this is always the first step in video downloading. now you can copy video URL from browser or app, or use search box to find video on Youtube.
  • STEP 2: open Savemedia. In case you copied URL to clipboard, now you can paste it into the search box and hit GO. If searched Youtube from here, simply tao one of the suggested video results.
  • STEP 3: wait while Savemedia scans this video for download links. When info is loaded, select which format and file size you want and download video. Convert Youtube to mp3 - find the option.
  • New Savemedia is Youtube video downloader

    Welcome to new Savemedia! This website helps users download Youtube videos. It also helps get your videos back from over 500 websites, social networks and video plaforms. Don't trust Facebook or Instagram anymore to hold your video library? You don't have to anymore! Savemedia helps download videos from both FB & IG, and does so from numerous other sources. Reddit, FC2, Aparat, BBC, Twitter, - all major video hosting services supported. Savemedia has old tradition of supporting online video converter community. This website is yet another confirmation that Savemedia is the best. Check out some of the features that befall those who use this site:

    Save Youtube videos

    Savemedia helps save videos from Youtube to your device. Download Youtube video as mp4 file for later access offline.

    Save Youtube to mp3

    Youtube mp3 converter is a standard feature of Savemedia. If you need to save Youtube music to mp3 file - look no further.

    500+ sites supported

    Savemedia works with a vast array of websites and video archives. Our online video converter is amazing alike no other.

    Fast, clean, safe, https

    There are no popups, redirects, ads of any kind, clean of any malicious elements you run into on similar sites.

    Youtube & Dailymotion online playlist downloader

    Savemedia knows its way around online playlists. It's a great and functional Youtube playlist downloader. Dailymotion video playlists are not a problem for Savemedia. One thing is that playlists are different, so our own Youtube search doesn't return them. What to do if you have Youtube, Dailymotion or any other playlist or multi-video post like Instagram, Reddit or Twitter? Simply copy page URL from browser address bar or via the button for social share option that usually has copy link in the menu. With URL copied to clipboard, come to Savemedia and paste it into the search box and hit GO button. You will see the list of videos load instantly ready for personal attention each can be converted and downloaded now.

    Savemedia free WebApp

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    If you enjoy Savemedia, you will definitely love our free web-based app. It's super easy to install, simply click on the link above, or below there's that dark-yellow box, and browser will offer to install Savemedia as an app to your device. This way you never need to guess where to go to download Youtube videos tomorrow, - the app will be in your Android smartphone or Windows desktop ready to do the job (best paired with Chrome, MS Edge, Android or Opera internet browsers). This app will need zero updates and it bring full power of Savemedia directly to your device. What can be more exciting than this?

    Quick-access bookmark

    Download Mp4

    If apps are not for you, try our browser bookmarklet (shortcut). To activate it, drag and drop this button to your browser bookmarks section and head over to some video website, open any video and start streaming it. Now hit the new bookmark and see the magic. You are instantly teleported to Savemedia with video page URL flying with you and into the search box and Savemedia is already working on getting those links for you. This shortcut saves time when users have to copy-paste the video URL by eliminating the need. Try it out, it's just like the app - very useful, helps access Savemedia faster.